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7 Signs That It May Be Time To Respectfully Address Your Church or Your Pastor…

I have regularly attended and served in church for many years now. I adore being in community with others of faith. It is also biblical to gather, learn, worship, serve, grow and go out to share it. However, there is no perfect church, as there is no perfect person. So does that mean you continue at a church when you realize it is broken? Or that the message is not sound, or biblical? Do you continue to give of your time, talents and treasure realizing that your Holy Spirit is convicting you to speak up about it, or change it? Of course not. Allow me to share these 7 signs it may be time to respectfully address it, proactively change it, or move on.

1.) If your church spends more time and money trying to entertain you, sit and talk about most every thing else other than Jesus and the bible, to become more of a Social Club than a biblical sound teaching and leading church, that’s most likely a problem.

2.) If your church invests a majority of it’s messages being critical or making fun of other denominations, church’s, Christians, or those in or out of church, that’s most likely a problem.

3.) If your church prefers to mass market and advertise what they do for their city, the country, others countries; while they have members, or regular attendees, unable to afford necessities, or sobbing alone in the corner from adversities, that’s most likely a problem.

4.) If your church says to you that they do not want you at, in, or be involved at their church if you are not committed to tithing or going above tithing, that is most likely a problem.

5.) If leadership cannot accept constructive criticism by wise members of their congregation, or regular attendees, and seem to become quickly defensive, or retaliate in words, or actions, then that’s most likely a problem.

6.) If your children, who normally love, and have been nearly raised in church, begin to feel uneasy, not even wanting to attend your church’s children’s church, then that’s most likely a problem.

7.) If chronic gossip, back biting, or unmerited / unnecessary favoritism is occurring, or regularly acceptable, especially by leadership, then something is very broken, and that’s a problem.

If this post is making you uncomfortable, maybe “cringe”, or you are experiencing most of these rather often, then it is most likely time to respectfully address it, proactively change it, or expeditiously move on.

If you would like to read bible references to any of these, please feel encouraged to Ping me.

~ Don Martin, Blessed Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Cloud, Digital Marketing & Telecom Specialist..


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