Do you believe in this “prayer stuff”?

As a believer, do you believe in prayer? Do you believe prayer works? We all know what the bible says about prayer. However, have you had a personal experience with prayer, and by specifically praying in Jesus name?

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you realize that the bible is Truth. That the bible is God’s inspired Words. So let me ask you, how much do you believe what the Word says. God cannot lie. He also cannot accept sin, that is why Jesus suffered, died, conquered death, resurrected and intercedes on the right hand of the throne of God.

I am going to share some personal experiences and testimonies of the power of prayer. That praying in Jesus name works. God does answer prayer. And although He knows your heart, and thoughts, He wants to hear specifically from you and what it is you are requesting. As you read on, and before proceeding, I am asking that you too share your experience with prayer, and How He may of answered your prayer, even if His answer was “no” at the time.

At a much young age, I was not the most healthiest kid. The average bug would hit me rather hard. I also became a rather thing child after a bought with a serious virus in first grade. Some of those bugs or viruses would land me in the hospital to where I worried my parents and my mom would ask for prayer. In addition, I remember my grandmother taking several buses, even with her health challenges and lack of funds to visit, prayer for and over me until I fell asleep holding her hand or thumb. After those earnest prayers, I seemed to recover expeditiously. Some may say, oh that was just coincidence. However, one of my best friends, and fellow believer has told me, “Don, with God there are no coincidences, just assignments” If you knew most of my life story, you may also discover understanding and believing my friend’s statement.

Allow me to further provide some additional examples. I grew up with two other brothers. One younger and one older. Yes, I am a middle child of three sons. I had very little fear growing up and my older brother and I, who we are near 3 years apart, would most often be outside from sunrise to sunset. We had no hesitancy in climbing very tall trees, building fort houses, wrestling hard, playing hard, and taking our bicycles to the limit.

One day at school, I climbed a three story part of our school in second grade. I wanted to out do my friend who climbed first. However, I lost my footing. Now let me tell you when and where I grew up there was not soft or plastic equipment, and the play grounds were either hard blacktop or stone gravel. When I nearly reached the top, I lost my footing and fell down hitting my backside against the hard blacktop. The wind was knocked out of me, and I was in somewhat of a daze. Yes, I was seeing stars, for lack of a better term. I remember the playground teachers talking over me, asking me not to move. I remember my second grade teacher saying to me, “Donnie, don’t move, I am going to pray over you, and you are going to be just fine. The ambulance is on it’s way.” I was more worried about not getting that silver two dollar coin for perfect attendance, and told her, “I do not want to go anywhere, I am going miss out on my two-dollar silver coin” She held back a near chuckle, and answered, “ Oh, Donnie, you have a pass on this one.” When I arrived at the hospital, and after x-rays, I was released with nearly not a scratch, and was back to school in no time. Again, you may say, that is just coincidence. Well, then read on.

When I was about 20 years old, I contracted what I had initially thought a severe version of the flu or bronchitis. I began running fevers from 102 to 106. Yes, you read it correctly, 106. I lost weight drastically and would wheez from shortness of breath. I was a rather driven young man and would not even take off work. I got down to 132 lbs, and if you would like to get a picture of that in your mind. I stand 6’2”. I incurred immense night sweats when the fevers would break. The doctors initially discovered a tiny mass in my lungs that grew from the size of a dime to over the size of a golf ball in an extremely short time. It was not only in my lung, in was protruding out of the my chest cavity leaning against my heart. It got to the level of the inability to even finish sentences due to the loss of breath and pain in my chest; when the woman I was seriously dating and her family begged me to listen to the doctors urging me to agree with the doctors to be hospitalized for testing. My doctor and the specialist thought it be cancer. In fact, the doctors and surgeons told me to get my affairs in order. I finally agreed with my girlfriend, her family and the doctors and checked into the hospital for the biopsy surgery or removal of the mass if they could complete it. What I was not aware is that my friend had an entire church praying for me. While in the hospital I began analyzing my life and asked my family, and especially my sister in law and brother who I knew didn’t have a relationship with Christ, as of yet, to pray for me in Jesus name. My sister in law did just that right there in tears. The night before the surgery I began to pray and wept alone in my hospital bed asking God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to please spare me. That I had not even lived life and had so many more plans. I wanted to get married, have children, and travel. I asked that I may be spared and that I would demonstrate my gratitude in words, actions, and deeds in honor of that gift of healing. Waking up from surgery was one of the most painful experiences I have had to date. Although they couldn’t get the entire mass removed, within days the tumor/mass shrank. The doctors and specialist were rather shocked. They ran tests while putting me on some intense antibiotics, however they could not get a positive test of what the tumor was, as well as puzzled as to it’s near disappearance. I soon realized what had happened with this miraculous event. It was healing by humbling and surrendering myself and praying in Jesus name. Although I have a un-sightly scar on my chest, it is a reminder of what God did for me, by sparing my life and blessing me with healing. This got my attention and I began my journey of surrendering, changing my environments, and elements of my life. I believe that sometimes God allows things to occur to get our attention and help us to change our paths to fulfill His will for our lives.

One day I was on my way to work as a young adult. I was married with a daughter on the way. I worked in retail and it was Thanksgiving. The roads were wet and I was cut off the interstate to where a truck tapped my wheel and caused my vehicle to go into a spin at about 60 miles an hour. I spun around to on-coming traffic and I kept trying to counter steer my vehicle to get back aligned but my car then crashed against the concrete barrier across a bridge (thank God for the concrete bridge barrier as if I missed it by inches I would have crashed over the tall interstate onto the traffic ridden streets below), which then spun my car back again into on coming traffic and again against the concrete wall. The car was nearly smashed around me to where the steering wheel was against my chest. I could barely move and could not get out. Some shock took over and I began to tremble nearly uncontrollable, when a man’s voice from my rear window said, “Son, you will be okay. I see that you have a bible in the back seat. May I enter the back, and pray for you.” (the front seats were smash against the dash and doors smashed/pinned shut), Barely getting my words out, and unable to see this man, I said, “yes, please” From my back seat I hear the man’s voice reading a brief scripture and begin praying and closed with “in Jesus name We pray.” He then said, “you are going to be just fine, here comes the ambulance.” When the paramedics, fire truck ,(as my car door had to be cut off to get me out), and the police arrived, I asked them, “Where did that nice man go that was in my back seat, and prayed over me? I want to thank him.” They said to me, “Mr Martin there was no man or anyone other than the man driving the truck that hit you when we arrived.” In the hospital, and after my wife arrived while praying for me, I was released with no real serious injuries. Still thinking this is all coincidences and may be easily explained away? Well, then read on.

I have several other examples, however let’s fast forward to just a few years ago. I was on my motorcycle when a lady pulled out in front of me, turning left on a red. I remember it well, and although the accident took seconds, I remember praying out loud in Jesus name saying, “Please no, Jesus,I have two young children yet to raise. Please, Jesus, spare me!” and as the car dragged me 50 feet nearly underneath the car. I prayed out loud, “Jesus, Holy Spirit, remove this vehicle off of me!”, and I pushed the car from out of being over me. Keep in mind, this was a car, and I am no body builder or super hero. I broke 15 bones, was in the hospital a month and in a wheel chair 3 months. It was one of the most painful and most dark times of my life, not just because of my near fatal accident, but from adversities on all sides of my life occurring nearly at the same time. What I often call a “Perfect Storm”. I remember the doctors showing me the x-rays and telling me, “Mr. Martin, I do not think you realize the seriousness of your accident and injuries.” One doctor told me that I would never fully recover, and several others would say that it would take me at least 6 to 8 months to begin walking again. I remember in the midst of my pain, while living alone in my condo, while in a wheel chair, with an open wound, feeling distraught, and beaten not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, as I stared at my shower and my shower chair. I began praying, “Dear God, dear Jesus, just please let me stand in the shower so I may feel like a man again. Jesus I do not think I can do this much longer, and all I am asking is to please let me stand upright and feel a hot shower on my face while standing.” This was December 4th, almost 3 months from my accident date which also happens to be my youngest daughter’s birthday. I kept praying out loud. I think my neighbors may of heard me as I kept praying out loud all the while in Jesus name. I then prayed, “In Jesus name I stand,” I then stood and took my first shower standing without any assistance. I didn’t stop praying out loud, I then dried myself off, got dressed, and began to walk out the door to my car to drive myself into church for the first time, but still grabbed my crutches and threw them in my back seat. (as humans, we may reach for those crutches at times, and that’s a whole different message in itself) I walked into church and stood where I normally worshipped from a wheel chair and stood worshipping God and His Son all the while praying out load and silently. The men in the church were surprised and shocked and embraced me, and we gathered in the coffee room together in prayer, thanking Jesus. Not sure if there was a dry eye amongst these 6 to 8 men at the time. As I was leaving, I also walked into Anthony Munoz (former professional NFL player for the Bengals) when I told him a bit of my story. His response was, “Don, you are a walking and talking miracle”, I replied, “More than you know Anthony, more than you may know.”

I have several more stories, examples, and testimonials of the power of prayer, and praying in Jesus name. However, I am here to summarize that our prayers to God do not go out void. That there is power in prayer, and power in praying in the name of Jesus.

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you. I want to hear about your prayer life, your answers to prayer, and how powerful it has been for you to pray in Jesus name.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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