I have a confession… I get rather frustrated to the point of being perplexed over constant complainers, people who are habitually late, and those who are arrogantly ignorant. I think we all have complained, I do not think it is possible for a single human being to go a month without complaining. In addition, I have been late whether traffic, illness, or I just screwed up with my alarm clock or didn’t prepare enough in advance. I have also been arrogant, and touted things off I didn’t not have deeper knowledge upon, but it was typically when I was much younger where most of us thought we knew a whole lot more than we did.

What I am referring to are those that no matter what they cannot resist complaining about something, or someone. Every time you are together there is something in their life, around their life, or involving their life that they complain about and never offer solutions, resolve, remedy, or reconciliation.

I am also not talking about those who are occasionally late, with a rather good reason like an accident, or traffic. Those who will give you a respectful advanced notice or heads up. I am talking about those that are late a good portion of the time, disrespecting not only the other people’s time who are expecting them, but having no care for their own personal time, or the image they are reflecting to others, especially of their commitments, promises, position, and faith.

The arrogant ignorance I am referring to is not those who get gregarious over things they are passionate about from time to time, or make mistake of fact claims and accept responsibility of their mistakes, I am talking about those that get on their “high horse” and tout about things they have not research or have any expertise in, in addition to those who a Pharisee like to where they shout their religion and how perfect they are and how perfect others should be without empathy, compassion, respect, and love for others. They judge and condemn without evidence of love or striving to live as Christ did. Or those folks that have not transitioned into 3 decades of life but think every single person on the planet should listen to them, and they know it all, and have arrived, and then get defensive, angry to the point of near violence if you do not agree with them, even if they are clearly wrong and provided facts of it.

On one side, I am sorry I get frustrated and perplexed over such people and actions. I hope I can be forgiven for it. However I have decided to distance such people from my and my family’s life, to wish them the best, love some from a distance (even great distance), cut some ties, and let God take care of the rest. Time is too precious and life too short to invest it in those who do not appreciate you, respect you, encourage, inspire you, and nearly suck the contentment and joy out of your life.

Sometimes people wonder how I can have so many friends, connections and engage with so many people, and yet my inner close circle is extremely small. Well, the above is some of the reason, and the fact that a person becomes the average of their 5 closest friends or family members that they spend most of their time with. I also choose those wiser and better at things than I am. I also choose those that mirror my values and character traits or better. I strive to also choose those that are not fair weather friends. Wise men choose wisely.

I also realize I am not everyone’s “cup of tea”, and I am glad as God didn’t design you or me to be everyone’s cup of tea. He designed you to be the best version of you and to whom He is molding you to be. You, nor I were ever meant to be liked by everyone. That is called “people pleasing” we were meant to work unto and please the Lord, not human beings. (Colossians 3:23). So I say be you, strive to be the man or woman God wants you to be, and who He is molding you into, and He will bring the right people, and influences into your life, and help bond the rights circles unto your life, even if they may be extremely small or just one, you should be thankful and realize you are well blessed.

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