Life can be tough, very tough

Life can be tough, very tough. If you have lived a few years, you may understand this all to well.

Sometimes not only those you love must exude “tough love” so does God. Remember it is written that “God chastens the one He loves” Jesus also said we will indeed experience trials and tribulations. Keeping in mind God is a loving God, however He is also just. Some people may also believe Jesus was this overly loving, “soft” man, petting sheep & maybe just telling stories to children. Don’t be naive. Jesus was the strongest, toughest & possibly the roughest man that ever lived. Remember He was a carpenter back in those days. He was probably a bit buff & rather strong. He was also able to suffer unfathomable beatings without crying out. Almost to his death. He suffered one of the most painful ways to be executed, and yet asked God to “Forgive them for they know not what they do” He then closed with “It is finished”

The author John Eldredge calls him, “The Beautiful Outlaw” in his book of the same title as He was an outlaw in those days as he butted heads with the most religious, yet ministered & served the subculture, the down trodden, the forbidden to to speak to & to even touch, the sinners of all walks.

Yet, Jesus also wept. It is the shortest verse in the bible. He did not weep over the death of Lazarus. He knew He was going to resurrect Lazarus. He wept over the anguish of Lazarus’ friends & family. He wept over humanity’s anguish. And let me tell you, when you see wept in the bible & compare it to the Greek & Hebrew it means really crying to the point of nearly wailing. So yes, He was one of the strongest & toughest men that ever lived. Yet He was also loving, empathetic, and cried. So I expect that my true non fair weather Christian friends may be tough or frank with me at times, & they have when I have gotten off track in my life.

We all need tough love at times. We also know that it is okay get to get overwhelmed at times, and letting it out, is okay. It is okay to weep. There is a time to cry as well as mourn. Again, remember Jesus wept. It is also wise to accept and as well as give some appropriate, Godly “tough love”.

“Let Brotherly Love Continue” Keep on fighting the Good fight people. Finish the Race. And finish well.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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