No one owes you anything…

I did not grow up with a “silver spoon”. What I gained, I worked hard for. Conversely what I lost, may be largely contributed to my own decisions, actions, or lack thereof. I was also blessed with having several smart & wise people cross my path, that invested in and poured into me. One being an “old school” Japanese Master Sensei, another being an experienced business professional of faith & ministry leaders. Although my Sensei’s exact belief systems didn’t line up with my exact belief systems, the Bushido Way (The 7 Virtues) did, and I strive to live it out every day. I also learned that by discipline, focus, hard work, continuous training that I could excel above most of my peers. I also learned who I am, what I am about, and to Whom I serve and how to apply and balance that in business as well as my personal life from some select professional business men of faith, and ministry leaders.

Look, no one, nor any organization or form of government owes you anything. There are no participation trophies in life. I may have not been the most talented in a variety of areas in my life, but I will say I was one that will and did work hard, and out work those who may have had more talent. I was one that did come in early, stay late, practice more often, study, and go the extra mile. Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, I have failed. However, you do not truly fail, unless you do not get back up. When you fail, fail forward, when you make mistakes, learn and grow from them, and by all means keep pressing forward.

No one owes you anything, if you want and desire success, then work hard for it, each day, every day. In your career, in your home, and in your relationships. Anything worth having, takes a lot of work, anything worth having is worth working for.

So if someone says to you things such as this, “You do not have what it takes,”, “You don’t have the talent”, “You will never accomplish it.” Does it truly matter what they say, think or do? You cannot control that anyway. However, you can control what you think, say and do. Prove it to yourself you can and will work hard, that you will do your best and let God take care of the rest.

Character is much more important and valuable than reputation. Be and focus on exuding your character, your core values, as that is truly who you are and what you are about. Develop a true culture of being who you dream to be, and the change you want to see in the world. Let the nay sayers, say what they want. Out work them, out train them, and yes, you can often outsmart them. Don’t complain, and point out errors, or imperfections; create solutions and develop a resolve instead. Do not become stagnant, learn better, more improved and exciting ways of getting things done, and work as though you are working unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23–24)

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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