Shooting the Messenger…

I keep thinking about a young (but an adult) biological family member state that “posting the truth is often divisive” and that I may “have been censored because of friends reporting me on FB”. He shared with me the story of the “naive mouse walking up to a hungry snake” that encouraged me to write the article at the link below. My further truth and facts in my replies to this person seemed to have tiggered this person to the point this person began to accuse, lie and then sound like a spoiled brat that didn’t get their way to the point this family member unfriended & blocked me even though I told this person to pick up the phone and call me, or stop by and see me. This all seemed contrary to the way I have known this person, which was all their life. Unfortunately it seems this person has had their mind altered, reprogrammed, maybe by watching too much MSM, or listening to the opinions of others that are contrary to the truth, facts, and whom may have little wisdom, experience, and knowledge of true history. Certainly the inability to engage in a logical, rational, respectful and civilized debate.

By the way, I believe an adult is to speak the truth, truth in love, even if it has to be tough love at times. Just because some one cannot handle the truth, or doesn’t want to believe the truth, doesn’t make it a lie. Nor that this truth should not be shared or proclaimed.

I am further perplexed as to how has grown adults such as these made it into adulthood being so easily offended? How has their skin grown so thin, and insist on believing lies, not validating facts, and taking temper tantrums like a spoiled brat just because someone doesn’t align with their opinion, or fallacies?

I did research my Account Restrictions and as to why, and I did not discover in any of the reports any of my FB Friends reported me. (it does tell you why, but not by whom). My Account Restriction was because when I re-shared a factual post by a Pastor of a quote a person of history made, and that I did a live streaming video Christian Devotional during a Presidential debate that I was restricted to go live streaming for 3 months and if I continue my FB would could be de-actived as FB stated it went against their “Community standards”. Other censorship, blocking and removal of posts were done by FB “Factcheckers” although my posts were indeed factual, in which I researched, validated and fact checked myself with reliable sources, or of, or at, the original source.

I don’t “need”, or “have” to be on FB. It is not vital. I am on FB because I choose to be to keep in contact with family and friends, share inspirational, encouraging, profound, thought provoking content as well as humor. I enjoy leading and engaging within certain Groups that match my interests, passions, and ministry efforts. I strive to share the truth in love, even if that love has to be tough love at times. If I am censored, blocked, or involuntarily removed from FB, it certainly isn’t the end of the world. It will cause me no lack of sleep. I will simply utilize the plethora of other mediums out there, or where ever God leads or directs me. If FB, or others decide to “shoot the Messenger” by reporting me, or removing me, so be it. No big deal. God will open other mediums, platforms and doors for me.

I think some people may be forgetting factual world history, and the heroes of faith in the bible. Most of the Messengers, speakers of truth and justice went through arduous times making or taking a stand, and speaking the truth. Those who were not only driving a change for the good, but being the change, were ridiculed, persecuted even to their deaths. So to have my FB account Restricted, put in “FB jail”, unfriended or blocked, whether by a “friend” or family member, is so minuscule in comparison. However, even with that, as long as I am speaking life, speaking wisdom, speaking truth in love, even tough love, I should still count it an honor, and not cease. That is, not until God tells me to.

The Hungry Snake and the Mouse…

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