Simply be authentic, real, genuine, love God, love people, and live on Mission.

Not all will agree with what I am about to post… I sincerely enjoy attending church and as a Christian I believe the Holy Spirit encourages us to do so. I never want to miss an opportunity to be in church. To assemble together, build into relationships, to worship, serve, learn, grow, get equipped and go out. I find it is also biblical.

However, a church was never meant to be a museum for saints, fancy artifacts, or expensive dramatic laser light shows. It is a hospital for sinners for healing, rehabilitation, repentance, recovery and growing in the name of Jesus. Besides the church is not a building, the church is the people and you can gather anywhere, whether in a building, on the street corner, on a motorcycle, or park bench.

To any church out there that would ever turn away a soul because of appearance, finances, brokenness, addictions, alcoholism… is not a church, nor the church. You are doing it wrong, and need a true church. Remember, Christ re-named Simon to Peter, the rock, to whom He would build the church. Peter had flaws, made mistakes, he was human, just as all of us.

Keep in mind that no church is perfect and if you have been offended by someone in a church, welcome to the club, so have I. Honest people, with integrity, know they are fallible, and make errors. They, and we are all sinners. This is another reason they attend, seek to improve, learn, grow, get equipped and go out.

However, words of advice and caution…If church leaders are per-occupied with numbers, money, a certain look, consistently speaking against other denominations, or always preaching a Prosperity Message and spending thousands to possibly millions on fancy dramatic shows, jet planes, or costly buildings, while the congregation is suffering and there are homeless starving on the streets in their community, that is not about Christ, nor a true church, or the rock in which Christ spoke. If your focus is this way, you must be reading a different bible than I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the entertainment side, contemporary music, and different “wrappers” of a church and how it is to be presented, especially in today’s time. However, a good church, and church message, must be biblically sound and Christ centered.

Simply preach the truth, even when it is hard, as there is a Heaven and a Hell. The truth must be spoken. Simply be authentic, real, genuine, love God, love people, and live on Mission. Keep the main thing the main thing. Plant the seeds, let the Holy Spirit help water it, and souls will be saved, lives changed, and your church will grow be it God’s will…

I also believe the “luke warm” spoken in the bible may be more about frauds, fakes, and posers. Be real, church people, God always knows your heart, intent and soul.

And before someone goes on a rant in a reply, I assure you I can provide plenty of scripture to support what I believe and know to be true.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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