“Strong Willed”

I have been a strong willed person since I was a child. Just ask my mom and dad, or even my biological brothers for that matter. I may be experiencing some “pay back” with my own strong willed children. (One I have nicknamed “Sassafrass”) However, although difficult to manage at times, I do not think being strong willed is a “bad thing”. If directed and guided appropriately after actions, ideas, & things honorable, moral and sound, it can be very good. Their “strong will” can make a measurable positive impact in their life, and the lives of others. They can make the best leaders, successful people, and changers for good. However, let them go wild without any moral compass, or thirst after honor, they can reek havoc in their lives, the lives of others, and spend more time in jail, than making a positive impact in their life and the lives of others.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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