The Adversary’s Fog…

I haven’t done a video on my YouTube Channel, nor a Podcast, now for some time. I haven’t had the motivation or inspiration lately. I have been a bit distraught with a loss of a family member, distracted by stress, and to be honest wondering if it even makes a difference. Now you may be thinking I am being rather negative, or pessimistic, which is not like me, but I am just being real.

I am an ENFJ Meyers-Briggs Yungs Personality Typology, with my top Spiritual Gift being Mercy (empathy gift), and my #1 of “The 5 Love Languages” is Quality Time. So, this world gets to me at times. I see where good is being called evil, and evil being called good. People discriminated upon, shunned, and even fired by their employer in our country for being a Christian, and a Patriot. Large corporations, and Big Tech censoring the truth or anything that doesn’t support their False Narratives in addition to kicking out vendors because of their faith or politics. Family members turning against family members due to the same. The Hypocrisy of elected officials is not even hidden, it is off the charts. The “Cancel Culture” is out of control, and I feel as if we are living in some Dystopian novel. The Spiritual War that is waging is not so invisible anymore, we see much of it playing out right in front of our eyes, yet many are still blind, in a daze, or seemingly asleep. The numbers of children being sold into sex slavery is horrifically atrocious. Fatherlessness is a National Epidemic. Mental Illness is a Silent Epidemic. Some people care more about an animal, or a tree than they do of the innocent lives of the human unborn up to birth….. I could go on and on.

I thought I would never see the day of what I have been seeing just over this last year and half. It’s getting to me a bit. I am not only frustrated, and appalled, I have grown weary. The wicked winds are wearing me down, at least clouding my view to put me in a fog. The adversary’s spirit in the air is like a stench from smoke of cheap days old cigars, and putrid mold, that have infiltrated the fibers of your clothing to your skin, and no matter how many times you wash them, you cannot remove the odor.

I know what the bible says about prophecy, and not to grow weary in well doing. Unfortunately the thickness of the wickedness, wrong doing, and disregard for what is right, sound and moral is just wearing me out. If it were not for my faith, kiddos, fellowship with my brotherhood, trying to do a daily devotional, inspirational music, and joy of riding my motorcycle, not sure if I would even get out of bed these recent days.

TMI (too much information)? Well, just being real, and open here. And there are times people should be. People should be able to speak out about the wickedness in this world and call it out, without being in fear of offending someone, censored, or removed. Wrong is wrong, and right is right, Evil is NOT good, good IS good. And GOD is GOOD. People don’t need “woke”, they need AWAKENED to The TRUTH.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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