The, the, the MASK!

I am typically not going to say anything if you are wearing a mask or not. I do prefer a person stay 6 feet from me unless they know for certain they are healthy. But I prefer that any way, unless I know you very well.

Not sure why this mask thing is such a big issue or made to be political. People touting “facts”, “scientific facts”, as if they are some sort of medical professional or something without doing a moment of adequate research, verification, and validation.

I am not giving up any freedoms if I wear one, besides when it’s cold outside, it helps keep a face more warm. I have bandanas and masks for riding my bike when it’s cold, dusty, or bugs are out and about. Some are kind of cool looking, as well as creative, in my opinion.

The only thing I do think is silly is when a person is by themselves in a car wearing a mask. Don’t tell me you forgot it was on, as anyone with a sense of feeling, and breathes knows they are wearing a mask. Besides most drivers will check their rear view mirror every few seconds and see it is on their face!

Now as far as personal health of breathing in a mask making one’s self sicker. You may want to do some more reliable research. I agree you should not wear one working out, doing anything cardio, etc.. However, wearing one for a few moments to sit down in a restaurant, or the short time you are at a store or around a crowd of people is not going to make you deathly ill, but your germs could make another ill. And since when should we not be washing our hands often? In addition, if you do have certified medical health reasons of not being able to wear a thin mask for a few moments, or to what time it takes to walk to a table at a restaurant, or get some required shopping done during a pandemic, do you think you should be around crowds of people being so medically ill as this in the first place? One person told me they had medical reasons, yet wears a thick, multi layered scarf around their face longer than what may be required to wear these thin masks.

To make it such an issue over these masks is foolish. You do not have to agree with me, and I care little either way. What I do want to say is there are a whole lot of other issues and things going on in our country and the world than to argue over a mask, and make it some sort of political mission or arsenal of personal attacks.

Now before you think, say, or reply I do not know what I am talking about, well, I know of both healthy, and unhealthy people whom have contracted COVID and lived, as well as died. I was also born, but not yesterday. I have a few decades and life experiences on me. I am also into fitness, work out 5 to 6 days a week, and a karate instructor. I have not contracted a virus for longer than I can remember. At least a generation. (That’s 20 yrs by the way).

However, I have no issue wearing a mask out in public around crowds, I have no issue putting one on as I walk into a restaurant until I sit down to eat. I have no issue with someone asking me to wear one for a short time. However, you will never see me wear one while driving alone in my car, nor working out in the gym, riding my bicycle, or at the karate dojo. Unfortunately our karate dojo has been closed, or requires masks while training, So in that area, I simply train at home.

Proud Dad, Writer, Christian Biker, Sensei, Mental Heath Improvement Class Facilitator, Business Digital Marketing Specialist

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