You do you & Christ in you, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you may

You cannot control what people will think, say or do. However, you may control what you think, say & do. I was once at a church service. Well, it was an outdoors church service & I remember a fellow believer friend of mine saying “Amen”, “Hallelujah”, “Praise God” to a message a that pastor was speaking. It wasn’t too long I seen that he walked away & someone began talking to him to the side. I discovered later that this person asked for him to quiet it down. Not to say so many “Amen” or “Hallelujahs” or “Praise the Lords” This friend shared later stating that they said “there are non believers out there, and they may not be ready for all of that, that it may make too many un-comfortable.” I became a bit perplexed with this story, and please allow me to expound a bit as to why.

First of all, the Holy Spirit is not to be thirsted in my opinion. If He is compelling you to shout praises, (as long as you are not drowning out a service or drawing other’s away in a negative manner) I say shout all you want. Remember in the bible, it’s said to shout & sing praises, or the rocks may cry out. In addition, some people or churches may be overly critical on how worship music is conducted or how other’s may feel led by the Spirit to praise. Some may raise their hands, some my be singing at the top of their lungs, some may be shouting praises, some may be even dancing. Who are we as mere human beings to judge, be critical, or take away how someone may want to worship God in song, praise & yes even dance. Do they not read the bible? Do they not know how David shouted, sang, & even danced to the Lord in praise. And David was a man after God’s own heart. By the way, “Amen” just means a solid mutual agreement to what is being said. Check it out.

So to my fellow believers, you do you & Christ in you, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you may. Whether it is shouting praises, singing praises, raising your hands to the Father, or yes, even dancing. For if not the rocks may cry out, well maybe the church pews or seats may.

Besides, how is it many who may be overly critical of the way someone else worships, when those same people may be shouting, dancing, coloring them selves up at a sporting event (including Pastor(s), & the same person(s) calling my friend out)? If they can be sports fanatics, what’s wrong with be Jesus fanatics? Doesn’t He deserve more than our cheers. He deserves even beyond us being a fan, we should be fanatical followers.

Now this is my opinion, and remember we can all think, say or do as we want within in a legal and civil manner; but I think some churches worry a bit too much. What do I mean about that you may ask? Maybe some are trying to please the masses and as not to offend, that they are hindering the Holy Spirit. Maybe they are too focused on “entertaining” humans beings more than they are striving to entertain the angels, and honor the Trinity. True Believers take a minority position, even when it’s not “popular”. I say remain biblically sound, let the Holy Spirit control things more, and get yourself out of the way and let God be in control.

Just my 2 cents.

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